Shimadzu UniBloc Analytical Balances ATX/ATY Series

ATX/ATY series
Shimadzu ATX/ATY Series

Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy mass sensor 3 Benefits of UniBloc.
The ATX/ATY series incorporates a one-piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc), first introduced by Shimadzu for precision balances in 1989. It excels in performance, and resists deterioration and damage
by ordinary impacts. The UniBloc’s compact, uniform structure replaces 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly and ensures stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time
and stable corner-load performance. The UniBloc design permits a consistency of production that assures reliability and a long operational life.

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KETT : Infrared Moisture Determination Balance FD-660

kett infrared moisture fd660
KETT Infrared Moisture Analyzer FD-660

FD-660 is good for Humans and Environment
New model FD-660, This unit determines the moisture and solid contents of samples by heating them using infrared illumination and measuring changes in mass due to evaporation. This is referred to as the loss on drying method and is the simplest method for determining moisture content and thus mandated by many public regulations related to measurement standard.

Organic carbon heater
An organic carbon heater is s used for the heat source. This heater emits infrared rays that are more than 2 times stronger than a halogen lamp in the wavelength range (2.5 to 3μm) in which moisture reacts with heat. This feature provides extremely efficient drying.
It is approximately 4 times the life of heater a comparable conventional infrared lamp. In addition, it is better for the environment as polluting halides and metals are not used.

Pre Heat mode / Auto tare mechanisum
This product is equipped with a Pre Heat mode to eliminate measurement error occurring immediately after turning on the power or when the temperature inside the measuring instrument is not stable. Auto tare is also incorporated in the FD-660. This feature allows for measurements while performing a zero point calibration, and therefore, scale drift is eliminated even when a test is performed over a long period of time. This feature allows for reliable measurement.

Specifications FD-660
Measurement method Detection of weight loss by heating & drying
Sample mass 1 – 80 g (optional weight sampling format)
Resolution Moisture content/Solid content: 0.1 % or 0.01 % (selectable)
The indication of 0.01 % is not guaranteed for accuracy.
Weight : 0.005 g
Measurement range 0 – 100 % (wet base, solid content) 0 – 500 % (dry base)
Repeatability (Standard deviation) Samples with a weight of 5 g or more, 0.1 %
(When using standard samples and measuring conditions as determined by Kett Electric Laboratory)
Display format LCD display (96 x 40 mm)
Measurement mode Automatic halting mode Timed halting mode (1 to 120min.)
External I/O RS-232C interface
Heat source Organic carbon heater (280 W x 2)
Power source 100-120V AC / 220-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Max. 900 W
Dimensions & weight 222 (W) x 360 (D) x 196 (H) mm, 3.2 kg
Sample dish Stainless steel (110 mm in diameter, 11 mm in depth)
Options Printer set (includes a printer “VZ-330”, a printer interface cable”VZC-14″, printer paper,
and an AC adapter), printer paper (10 rolls), package of aluminium foil sheets (500 sheets),
RS-232C cable “VZC-52”, data logger software “FDL-02”, sample crusher “TQ-100”, deodorizing windshield case “FW-100

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Harga USD : 2.639,-

Jual Analytical Balance Precisa XB-220A

Precisa XB Series
Analytical Balance Precisa XB-220A

The Precisa Range of high-tech Balances and Analytical Equipment Swiss Precision.
Continually investing in development of new technologies, Precisa Gravimetrics AG funds wide-ranging
research by an in-house team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. In addition, Precisa maintains

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OHAUS : Portable Balance SP-602

SP-602 Balance
Ohaus Balance SP-602

Satu lagi alat laboratorium yang wajib ada di laboratorium adalah balance, salah satu produk balance yang sudah banyak digunakan adalah portable balance Ohaus, balance Ohaus sudah tidak asing lagi bagi para saintist, para analyst, para mahasiswa yang sedang melakukan penelitian, bahkan bagi para siswa SMA dan SMK, mereka sudah sangat familiar dengan merek Ohaus ini. Lanjutkan membaca OHAUS : Portable Balance SP-602

KERN : ABS 220-4 Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance Kern
Kern : ABS 220-4 Analytical Balance

Jual Analytical Balance ABS / ABJ :
Satu lagi analytical balance yang kami tawarkan atau kami jual dan pasarkan dengan standart qualitas yang tinggi dan harga terjangkau
Dengan tingkat ketelitian tinggi analitical balance Kern type ABS ini mampu membaca akurasi hingga 4 angka dibelakang koma, sehingga produk ini salah satu produk terfavorit bagi para saintist, analyst labor, hingga para mahasiswa, alat ini juga banyak dipakai di laboratorium research laboratorium industri, laboratorium Kimia, laboratorium farmasi, laboratorium biokimia, laboratorium teknik dan laboratorium medik.

Berikut adalah detail produk dari Analytical Balance type ABS ABJ :
Kapasitas layar . Sebuah grafik batang menaik tersedia untuk menampilkan rentang berat yang tersisa
Memiliki Nomor identifikasi , 4 posisi numerik , metode pemrograman 2 tombol
Body balance yang kuat dan kokoh
Penyesuaian internal ( CAL ) : Pengaturan Cepat akurasi keseimbangan dengan berat menyesuaikan intern (motor -driven ) .
Program ( CAL ) Menyesuaikan : Untuk pengaturan cepat akurasi keseimbangan itu . Berat penyesuaian eksternal yang diperlukan .
Menghitung Piece: jumlah Referensi dapat dipilih . Tampilan dapat beralih dari sepotong berat .
Data Antarmuka : Jenis antarmuka ditunjukkan oleh pictogram tersebut .
GLP / ISO pencatatan beratnya data dengan tanggal, waktu dan identifikasi nomor . Hanya dengan printer dari KERN .
Persentase penentuan : Menampilkan penyimpangan dari berat referensi ( 100 % ) dalam % bukan gram .
Beratnya unit : dapat beralih ke , misalnya , non – metrik unit dengan satu sentuhan tombol. Lihat model neraca . Adaptor listrik : 230V/50 Hz .

Specifications :
Part Number: ABS220-4
Available Current Supply AUS, EURO, UK, US
Casing Material Metal
Display Digit Height 13mm
Display Type LCD
Draught Guard (W × D × H) Inside : 190mm × 155mm × 225mm
Draught Guard Material Glass
Filter Stages 3
Freely Programmable Weighing Units 0
Gross Weight 9.0000kg
Internal Adjusting Weight 0
Leveling Foot/Bubble Yes
Linearity ±0.0002g
Measuring Range, maximum 220g
Minimum Piece Weight at Counting 1mg
Net Weight 7.0000kg
Permissible Ambient Humidity 80% RH
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Protective Working Cover 0
Readout d 0.0001g
Recommended Adjusting Weight 200 g E1
Recommended Adjusting Weight 200g (E1)
Reference Numbers of Parts for Parts
Count 10, 20, 50, 100
Reproducibility 0.0001g
Stand by Function -1
Temperature Sensitivity 0.000002°C
Verification by KERN Possible 0
Verification Class I (without type approval)
Volume Casing (W × D × H) 225mm × 315mm × 330mm
Volume Packing (W × D × H) 500mm × 390mm × 535mm
Weighing Plate Diameter 8cm
Weighing Units g, mg, gn, dwt, tl (Tw), tl
(HK), ozt, tl (Singap, Malays), ct, mo, lb, oz, tl (Cn)

Mettler Toledo : AL-204 Analytical Balance

analytical balance, compact Handy
Mettler Toledo AL-204 Analytical Balance

Features and Benefits:
Compact : Handy, compact design.
Good value: Has everything a balance needs. Without unnecessary features and extras.
Practical : Simple operation
Standard Features:
Built-in overload protection
AC adapter to appropriate national standard
Hook for weighing below the balance
All AL balances include an external weight

Wide range of user programs:
Piece counting
Percent weighing
Calculation with a custom ‘free factor’
Selectable display increments for faster weighing
Dynamic weighing
+/- weighing
Switching between various units of weight: g, kg, mg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, momme, mesghal, tael, tical, tola, bath
Automatic shutoff

Specifications – AL204 Analytical Balance:
Maximum Capacity  :   210 g
Readability  :   0.0001 g
Taring range  :   0…210 g
Repeatability  :   0.0001 g
Linearity :    ± 0.0003 g
Settling time (typical)  :   4 s
Adjustment with external weights  :   200 g

Specifications and Brochure

Harga Rp. 20.651.000,-

Denver : Top Balance SI 6002

Top Balance, alat laboratorium, jual alat laboratorium
Denver Top Balance SI-6002

FEATURES • Large, Back-lit Display • Comprehensive Program Library • Standard RS232 Interface allows ISO/GLP conforming Protocol • User Guidance by Short-Text-Terms
APPLICATIONS • Counting • Weighing in Percent • Net Total (Formulation) • Calculating • Animal Weighing / Averaging • Totalising • Density Determination • Mass Unit Conversion, you can read four units simultaneously, 22 different mass units are available • ISO / GLP conforming Protocol • Hook for Weighing Below • *also available with European Stamp Approval
SPECIFICATION • Readability : 0,01 mg • Capacity : 6000 g • Pan Size : 180 x 180 mm • Calibration: internal

Spcifications and Brochure

Harga Rp. 32.787.000,-

Mettler Toledo : PL403 Precision Balance

Mettler Toledo : Precision Balance PL403

Classic PL balances offer everything an entry precision balance needs. Simple operation and an easy to-read LCD display.
Compact: Handy, compact design.
Good value: Has everything a balance needs. Without unnecessary features and extras.
Practical : Simple operation

Standard Features:
Built-in overload protection
AC adapter to appropriate national standard
Hook for weighing below the balance

Specifications – PL403 Precision Balance
Maximum Capacity : 410 g
Readability : 0.001 g
Taring range : 0…310 g
Repeatability : 0.001 g
Linearity : ± 0.002 g
Settling time (typical) : 3 s
Adjustment with external weights : 200 g


Price, Rp. 15.312.000,-