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Shimadzu UniBloc Analytical Balances ATX/ATY Series

ATX/ATY series
Shimadzu ATX/ATY Series
Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy mass sensor 3 Benefits of UniBloc.
The ATX/ATY series incorporates a one-piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc), first introduced by Shimadzu for precision balances in 1989. It excels in performance, and resists deterioration and damage
by ordinary impacts. The UniBloc’s compact, uniform structure replaces 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly and ensures stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time
and stable corner-load performance. The UniBloc design permits a consistency of production that assures reliability and a long operational life.

Touch-key Calibration
Automated calibration can be started by pressing keys. (ATX series) Also, your external calibration weights can be used for span calibration. (All models)

Easy Setting
Best fit to weighing application Quickly adjust the desired ratio of stability and response for every application, even during measurement, with one-touch operation.

Calibration record
You can leave a record of execution of calibration. With serial number and ID of balance.

Large pan size
This model has the largest weighing pan in the class (91mm diameter).

Multiple weighing units
In addition to grams (g), weigh in ct, mg, oz, etc. or a custom conversion units.

Expanded Piece Counting Function Unit weights of up to 5 different samples can be easily entered, stored and recalled for use.

Comparator Function
Compare samples to target values or pass/fail criteria and clearly indicate the results.

Formulation Mode
Convenient for making many measurements of minute samples and seeking the total mass.

% measurement
The weight of the sample is converted to a percentage of the reference weight.
Power saving function
When weighing operation ends. Power automatically turns off after a fixed or pre-set time

WindowsDirect Communication Function Send balance data to Excel or other Windows applications without any data communication software installation required. By combining standard AutoPrint
functions with typical spreadsheet functions, even difficult applications can be easily automated.
*RS232C interface is needed.

Password lock
In order to ensure that the menu settings are not changed by mistake, the person managing the Balance controls the password and can prohibitmenu operation.

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Minggu, 10 Agustus 2014

Nagata : TW-702-B Waterproof and Dustproof Bench Scaleb

nagata tw-702b waterproof
Nagata TW-702B Waterproof
Waterproof and Dustproof Meet IP65 regulation
Clearly 1" black LCD display
High accuracy up to 1/7500 resolution
Flat keyboard with audible feedback
Auto calibration function
Auto zero and full tare function
Kg / lb weighing unit conversion
Overload protected load cell
Patented waterproof and dustproof construction
Built-in rechargeable battery or AC power
Low battery and charging signal
Adjustbale feet for leveling

removable stainless platter (size: 330x255mm)
Backlight display
Dual side display

Specifications :

1" black LCD display / 5 Digit
Rechargeable Battery DC6V/4.5A & AC Power Cord
Battery life
150 Hours When Fully Charged

Senin, 16 Juni 2014

HACH : DR 2800™ Portable Spectrophotometer

portable spectrophotometer
Hach : DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer
Order : DR 2800-01B1

More than 240 Analytical Methods and Chemistries
The Hach DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer can be used for more than 240 analytical methods. (Test parameters are listed on page 3.) These methods include more than 30 TNTplus™ reagent vial tests that provide innovative barcode labeling for reliable, automatic method detection.
All of the chemistries and supplies needed for these tests are available from Hach. The spectrophotometer can store up to 50 user programs and 500 data points, including
sample and operator ID.

Use a USB Memory Stick to Update the Instrument or Transfer Data
Easily update DR 2800 spectrophotometer systems and transfer measurement data with a USB memory stick. Use it to stay current as Hach releases new test methods and chemistries. Two USB ports on the instrument allow for a computer to be connected in one port, when used with an upcoming software package, while the other is used to connect the spectrophotometer to a memory device or hand-held bar code scanner.

Small Footprint and Large Touch Screen Interface
The small footprint of the DR 2800 spectrophotometer— only 8.7 by 13.1 inches—lets it easily fit into any lab as well as being completely portable. The touch screen display is intuitive to use and ergonomic in design.

Runs on Either Line Power or Battery Power
Use the DR 2800 spectrophotometer in the lab with regular line power or in the field with the optional lithium-ion battery.

Accommodates Multiple Cell Sizes and Sample Delivery Methods
The DR 2800 spectrophotometer holds eight types of Hach cells—including 1-in. square cells, 1x5-cm cells, 13-mm round vials (TNTplus), and 16-mm round vials. Three adapters are included with the spectrophotometer for other vial types such as 1-in. round/AccuVac® cells, multipath 1-in./1-cm cells, 1x1-cm square cells, and Pour-Thru™ cells. The optional Pour-Thru cell kit is ideal for rapid liquid methods when high throughput of analysis is needed.

TNTplus Reagent Vials Designed for the DR 2800 Spectrophotometer
Hach has developed TNTplus reagent vials for selected analytical methods that provide the following features when used with the Hach DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer:
• Automatic method detection—the spectrophotometer automatically reads the bar code, identifies the appropriate method, and takes the measurement to help eliminate human error, saving time and money.
• No reagent blank is necessary—high quality vials, tight regent production controls, 10-absorbance readings averaged for results determination, instrument calibration verification, and negligible instrument drift, all combineto eliminate the need to run reagent blanks.
• Built-in accuracy—while rotating the vial, the spectrophotometer takes 10 absorbance measurements in less than 5 seconds. The average value is used to calculate the results

Operating Mode : Transmittance (%), Absorbance, and Concentration
Source Lamp : Tungsten
Pre-Installed Programs : More than 240
Available User Programs : 50
Data Storage : 500 points
Export Capability : .csv (comma-separated values) file format
Wavelength Range : 340 to 900 nm
Wavelength Accuracy : ±1.5 nm
Wavelength Resolution : 1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth : 5 nm
Wavelength Calibration : Internal, automatic at power-on, visual feedback
Wavelength Selection
Automatic: based on selected program Automatic: based on barcode printed on TNTplus™ reagent vials Manual: in all modes except stored programs
Enclosure Rating : IP 41
Operating Temperature : 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F)
Operating Humidity : 80% relative humidity, non-condensing, maximum
Storage Requirements : Temperature: -25 to 60°C, (-13 to 140°F)
Humidity: 80% relative humidity, non-condensing, maximum
Power Requirements : Line: 100 to 240 V; 47/63 Hz; automatic changeover
Battery: Lithium-Ion 11V/4400mAh
Interface : USB 1.1 (10 ft. (3 m) cable, maximum)
Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (please contact your Hach representative for availability of additional languages)
Connections :
1 x USB type B (PC)
1 x USB type A
(USB storage device, printer, keyboard)

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Busch : R5 - Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Busch R5
BUSCH - R5 Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
The robust and tried and tested vacuum pump for vacuum packaging and many other applications in industry.
Powerful, reliable, service-friendly
Special versions for: increased humidity, oxygen handling, explosion-prone areas (conforming to ATEX)
Nominal displacement : 4 - 1600 m³/h (for50 Hz) and 4,8 - 1920 m³/h (for 60 Hz)
Ultimate pressure : 0,1 - 20 hPa (mbar).

Technical Data - Busch - R5

Senin, 26 Mei 2014

KETT : Infrared Moisture Determination Balance FD-660

kett infrared moisture fd660
KETT Infrared Moisture Analyzer FD-660
FD-660 is good for Humans and Environment
New model FD-660, This unit determines the moisture and solid contents of samples by heating them using infrared illumination and measuring changes in mass due to evaporation. This is referred to as the loss on drying method and is the simplest method for determining moisture content and thus mandated by many public regulations related to measurement standard.

Organic carbon heater
An organic carbon heater is s used for the heat source. This heater emits infrared rays that are more than 2 times stronger than a halogen lamp in the wavelength range (2.5 to 3μm) in which moisture reacts with heat. This feature provides extremely efficient drying.
It is approximately 4 times the life of heater a comparable conventional infrared lamp. In addition, it is better for the environment as polluting halides and metals are not used.

Pre Heat mode / Auto tare mechanisum
This product is equipped with a Pre Heat mode to eliminate measurement error occurring immediately after turning on the power or when the temperature inside the measuring instrument is not stable. Auto tare is also incorporated in the FD-660. This feature allows for measurements while performing a zero point calibration, and therefore, scale drift is eliminated even when a test is performed over a long period of time. This feature allows for reliable measurement.

●Specifications FD-660

Measurement method Detection of weight loss by heating & drying
Sample mass 1 - 80 g (optional weight sampling format)
Resolution Moisture content/Solid content: 0.1 % or 0.01
% (selectable)
The indication of 0.01 % is not guaranteed for
Weight: 0.005 g
Measurement range 0 - 100 % (wet base, solid content)
0 - 500 % (dry base)
Repeatability (Standard deviation) Samples with a weight of 5 g or more, 0.1 %
(When using standard samples and measuring
conditions as determined by Kett Electric
Display format LCD display (96 x 40 mm)
Measurement mode Automatic halting mode
Timed halting mode (1 to 120 min.)
External I/O RS-232C interface
Heat source Organic carbon heater (280 W x 2)
Power source 100-120V AC / 220-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Max. 900 W
Dimensions & weight 222 (W) x 360 (D) x 196 (H) mm, 3.2 kg
Sample dish Stainless steel (110 mm in diameter, 11 mm in depth)
Options Printer set (includes a printer "VZ-330", 
a printer interface cable "VZC-14", printer paper,
and an AC adapter), printer paper (10 rolls), 
package of aluminium foil sheets (500 sheets), 
RS-232C cable "VZC-52", data logger software "FDL-02", 
sample crusher "TQ-100", deodorizing windshield case "FW-100

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VELP : Thermoreactor, COD Analysis - ECO 6

Thermoreactor COD Analysis ECO6
6-position thermoreactor for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) with settable temperature (up to 200 °C) and operating time (up to 199 minutes).

The ECO 6 is designed to process 6 samples (200 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm) simultaneously. Electronic temperature control ensures temperature regulation from ambient to 200 °C and the analysis time can be set from 1 to 199 minutes or continuous. A LED display shows the temperature and time remaining. Dedicated adapters are available for different sizes and quantities of test tubes making the ECO 6 an extremely flexible and versatile instrument: 6 Ø 42 mm test tubes; 6 Ø 22 mm test tubes or 18 Ø 16 mm test tubes.

Intuitive Parameters Setting, Digital Display
COD Analysis Thermoreactor ECO 6 ensures a simple and easy programming of time and temperature, the parameters involved in the analysis.
Through the digital display it is possibile to monitor the test at any time, with the countdown constantly shown.
The unit automatically shuts down when the analysis time expires, whilst safety is of primary importance, as demonstrated by the several acoustic and visual signals that report unpleasant situations.

High Versatility, Different Tubes Supported
ECO 6 COD Thermoreactor has been originally designed to support relatively big test tubes (Ø 42 mm), but thanks to smart reducer it can be used with 18 small tubes (Ø 16 mm). This makes ECO 6 really versatile and flexible, as it can digest samples according to different methods.
The micro digestion method, with Ø 16 mm test tubes, minimizes reagent consumption and reduces the required space and equipment to one reactor block that works on several samples at the same time. ECO 6 is suitable for performing a short time COD analysis, in only 30 minutes with a high digestion temperature (160 °C).
When using the Ø 42 mm tubes, a kit of glassware is necessary.

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